Former NBA players share thoughts on LeBron James’ latest free agency decision

The NBA Awards put a bow on the 2017-18 season.

Free agency begins at midnight on July 1st but that didn’t stop the media from asking former and current players for predictions about the future of the league during the red carpet event.

The hottest free agency topic involves LeBron James and his upcoming decision.

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“I have learned not to partake in this type of conversation about LeBron because I didn’t think he was going to leave the Cavs and he left,” Ben Wallace said. “I didn’t think he was going to leave Miami and he left so I am just going to follow along like everyone else.”

Wallace was a teammate of LeBron during the 2007-08 season in Cleveland.

“I don’t know (what LeBron’s decision will be),” said Latrell Sprewell, a former Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks player. “We will have to see what he does but he has every option open to him.”

In the past, it would be several days after the start of free agency that the basketball world would hear about Lebron’s decision.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst mentioned on the “The Lowe Post” podcast that LeBron’s decision could come sooner than expected.

“Everybody will be on holiday on July 4,” Windhorst said. “It will be over by then.”

Ryan Hollins, a former player for the UCLA Bruins and Los Angeles Clippers, believes the former MVP will switch teams once again.

“My assumption is why not (leave Cleveland),” Hollins said. “I think he is coming to the Lakers. It just makes sense.”

While some players have LeBron penciled in to pack his belongings and leave Cleveland, Tracy McGrady, a former member of the Orlando Magic, doesn’t feel the same way as Hollins.

“I hope not,” McGrady said about the possibility of LeBron leaving the Cavaliers.

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