Terrifying New Map Shows What May Be Left Of Florida As Sea Levels Rise

Photo of hurricane slamming into Florida. Rising sea levels will make these extreme weather events even worse.

As Hurricane Irma slams into Florida with gale-force winds and residents scramble to flee or take shelter, experts fret over rising sea levels and the future of the state’s coastlines.

Late Saturday night, ABC News reported gusts of 74-mph and tornado sightings as Irma bore down on the Florida Keys. Over six million were ordered to evacuate, while 75,000 more have sought refuge in shelters. The City of Miami Beach and three counties — Palm Beach, Broward, Charlotte — have also imposed curfews. Despite frequent storms in the “Sunshine State,” Gov. Rick Scott called it a “deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge” and declared, “This is a life-threatening situation. Our state has never seen anything like it.”

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