Kylie Baby Drama: Tyga Claims He’s The Father Of Kylie’s Unborn Baby, Timeline Might Support His Claim

Kylie Baby Drama: Tyga Claims He's The Father Of Kylie's Unborn Baby, Timeline Might Support His Claim

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was only public for a few hours when the first baby drama hit — a claim by ex-boyfriend Tyga that he is the real father of the unborn child.

On Friday evening, word leaked that the 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott. As the news spread around the internet, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend chimed in with his opinion on the paternity of the unborn girl.

In a screenshot taken from Tyga’s Snapchat page, the 25-year-old rapper claimed that Travis Scott wasn’t the father at all.

“Hell nah thats my kid,” Tyga wrote in a post that was soon deleted, though People magazine was able to save for posterity.

Tyga finished his caption with a series of devil-faced emojis, which many took as a sign that he was simply stirring the pot rather than making a legitimate claim.

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