Mitch McConnell says Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed – one way or another

  • Senate majority leader says Gorsuch will join supreme court this week
  • McConnell remains coy on invoking ‘nuclear option’ to overcome opposition

Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed as the ninth supreme court justice this week, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said on Sunday, adding: “Exactly how that happens will be up to our Democratic colleagues.”

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Schiff says Trump wants us to follow the tweets, not the Russia probe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee accused President Donald Trump on Sunday of trying to divert Congress from its investigations of Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. election and any links between Moscow and the Trump campaign.


Nonagenarian Jack Burke Jr retains fond memories of his Masters win 61 years ago

The man who is the second oldest living holder of a green jacket recalls the day he defied the elements to claim victory at Augusta in 1956

Not everyone who has contributed to the rich tapestry of Masters history will be at Augusta National this week. In the case of Jack Burke Jr, his absence is at his own behest.

Sometimes you need not visit remarkable places to encounter remarkable people. In the wood-panelled office of an attractive golf club on the bustling outskirts of Houston, the 94-year-old Burke reflects on his Masters triumph of 1956. He would be the oldest living holder of a Green Jacket but for the fact that Doug Ford, the 1957 winner, is his senior by 176 days.

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Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal: Miami Open final – live!

4.46pm BST

Hello! I had a terrible nightmare last night that it was 2017 and the world was zooming towards the apocalypse, robots were after my job, Criminal Minds was still on TV and Stan Wawrinka had won three grand slams. But then I read that it’s Nadal v Federer in a Masters final and was reassured we’re still back in good old 2009. I wonder if Andy Murray will ever win Wimbledon?

3.28pm BST

Tom will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s Andrew Anthony on Roger’s resurgence:

Two comeback kids met in Miami and played a very fine match of tennis this week. One was Juan Martín del Potro, the lanky, lugubrious Argentinian who has suffered two career-threatening wrist injuries. Since returning last year, after a two‑year hiatus, he narrowly lost to Andy Murray in the Olympic final and led Argentina to their first Davis Cup win.

His is an uplifting story of triumph over adversity, stalwart determination in the face of debilitating physical and psychological setbacks. He played beautifully this week, with his elegant backhand slice and his thunderous slap of a forehand. But unfortunately for him he was up against Roger Federer, who, at 35 and following his own long lay-off with a knee injury and then a back injury, is playing perhaps the best tennis of his life.

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White House staffer's tweet calling for primary challenge opens Republican rift

  • Call for Trump supporters to oust Justin Amash raises ethics questions
  • Jim Jordan vows to help fellow Freedom Caucus congressman retain seat

The internal strife rending the Republican party continued on Sunday, as one member of the House Freedom Caucus pledged to defend another if a primary challenge from a Trump-backed candidate, controversially threatened by a White House aide, should ever come to pass.

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