Pesticide Makers Move to Kill Government Studies

ONLY ON AP: A group of three pesticide makers, including Dow Chemical, sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency demanding they throw out a study showing the impact of three pesticides on endangered species. (April 19)




NFL player Rob Gronkowski interrupts Sean Spicer's press briefing – video

New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski offers to help Sean Spicer with his press briefing on Wednesday. The NFL tight end put his head around the door during a visit to the White House commemorating the Patriots’ Super Bowl win

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I’m a Jewish woman. I was the target of a neo-Nazi ‘troll storm'

Tanya Gersh was targeted by the ‘alt-right’ after getting caught up in the notoriety surrounding Richard Spencer. She tells Lois Beckett about the trauma of her experience and the antisemitism leveled at her and her family

I came home one night and found my husband sitting in a completely dark house, and he had suitcases on the floor of our bedroom and he said: “Tanya I need you to pack, we need to go.”

“Where we going?”

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