‘Koi to Uso’ Season 2 Release Date: ‘Love And Lies’ Manga Enough For Second Anime? ‘Ko To Uso’ Movie Details

'Koi to Uso' Season 2 Release Date 'Love And Lies' Manga Enough For Second Anime 'Ko To Uso' Movie Details

The Koi to Uso Season 2 release date better happen quickly now that the first season of the anime left audiences with an open-ended Episode 12. The anime’s central theme questioned whether calculated love can beat natural love without providing an answer in the end. Instead, the Red String Of Science in the Love And Lies anime left everyone’s feelings tangled in knots… and the viewers hanging.

The good news is that the answer will eventually be forthcoming from author Musawo Tsumugi, creator of the Koi to Uso manga. The series started life in August of 2014 and the manga is already up to Volume 6. New chapters are released on a weekly basis through Manga Box.

Kodansha Comics USA has also begun to release the manga’s Koi to Uso English translation. The first volume was released in August of 2017 and the company has already announced the release dates for the next several volumes.

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