Dwyane Wade says “Thank Kevin Hart” for 28-point performance vs. Philadelphia 76ers (2018 Playoffs)

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade speaks to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne after his 28-point performance in his team’s Game 2 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, saying “thank Kevin Hart.”

Dwyane Wade’s 28-point game vs. Philadelphia 76ers: Dunk over Ben Simmons — HIGHLIGHTS 2018 Playoffs

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade put on a show Monday night in the team’s Game 2 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, capping a vintage 28-point performance with a dagger jumper over Ben Simmons.

Full Video Of 2 Black Men Arrested Waiting At Starbucks! Now Company, Philly Police On Defensive.

Starbucks, which has touted its progressive values and its “social impact” agenda, faces fierce criticism and calls for a boycott after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia store, sparking accusations of racial profiling over what the company’s chief executive called a “reprehensible” incident.

In a statement, CEO Kevin Johnson offered “our deepest apologies” to the two men on Saturday, who were taken out of the store in handcuffs by at least six officers. A store manager had asked the two men to leave after they asked to use the bathroom but had not made any purchases, police said. The men declined to leave and said they were waiting for a friend, their attorney later said. The manager then called 911 for assistance, the company said.

The confrontation was captured on a video viewed more than 8 million times on social media, fueling the backlash, which drew responses from Philadelphia’s mayor, the city’s police commissioner and now the chief executive of the biggest coffeehouse chain in the world.

Spring 2018 🇺🇸 U.S. Weather Forecast

2018 United States Spring Forecast: Cold, snow to linger in Northeast; Severe storms to kick off early in South. http://bit.ly/2DeVSVd

As one of America’s famous groundhogs declared last week: a slow transition to spring is in store for most of the United States this year.
Much of the northern tier of the country will endure rounds of cold and snow into March and April before springlike air creeps in.
Meanwhile, the southern half of the country will heat up with California and parts of the Southeast heading toward drought conditions.

Chill to hang on in Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest states
A slow transition to mild weather is in store for the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest this year.

Mixed rain and snow events for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will take place into April as chilly air remains entrenched across the regions.

In the Midwest, cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee could receive snow as late as the end of April.

“If it does warm up, it won’t last for a long duration. I think [warmth] comes in spurts throughout March, April and May,” AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecast Paul Pastelok said.

While warm spells here and there may make you want to get started on your garden, Pastelok warns it’s best to hold off.

“Be careful about putting things in the ground too fast because April could bring some surprises,” he said.

While the chilly weather may be a disappointment to some, it will make spring severe weather a “no-show” this year, according to Pastelok.

Severe weather to kick off early in Southeast, Tennessee Valley, Gulf Coast

While severe weather may dodge areas farther north, it will waste no time heating up in the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Tennessee Valley.
Forecasters are calling for two or three big severe events as early as March.

Building warmth and a lack of precipitation in Florida during April may lead to drought conditions later in the season. However, the dry pattern could be turned on its head come May, when an early tropical feature threatens to impact the region.

This could cause the Sunshine State to rapidly transition from dry to flooded.

“Over the last three years, we have seen early tropical development in the Atlantic basin and I do feel there’s going to be something popping up,” Pastelok said.

David Frost makes Richard Nixon apologize for Watergate scandal in famous “Nixon Interviews”

Sir David Frost, who has died aged 74, established himself as an interviewer par excellence when he extracted an apology out of disgraced former US President Richard Nixon for his role in the Watergate scandal. http://bit.ly/2DeVSVd

The Nixon Interviews were a series of interviews of former U.S. President Richard Nixon conducted by British journalist David Frost, and produced by John Birt. They were recorded and broadcast on television and radio in four programs in 1977.[1] The interviews became the central subject of Peter Morgan’s play Frost/Nixon in 2006.

After his resignation in 1974, Nixon spent more than two years away from public life. In 1977, he granted Frost an exclusive series of interviews. Nixon was already publishing his memoirs at the time; however, his publicist Irving “Swifty” Lazar believed that by using television Nixon could reach a mass audience. Frost’s New York-based talk show had been recently cancelled. As Frost had agreed to pay Nixon for the interviews, the American news networks were not interested, regarding them as checkbook journalism. They refused to distribute the program and Frost was forced to fund the project himself while seeking other investors, who eventually bought air time and syndicated the four programs.The interviews were also broadcast on radio by the Mutual Broadcasting System.

Nixon chief of staff Jack Brennan negotiated the terms of the interview with Frost. Nixon’s staff saw the interview as an opportunity for the disgraced president to restore his reputation with the public and assumed that Frost would be easily outwitted. Previously, in 1968, Frost had interviewed Nixon in a manner described by Time magazine as “so softly that in 1970 President Richard Nixon ferried Frost and Mum to the White House, where the Englishman was appointed to produce a show in celebration of the American Christmas.”

Frost recruited James Reston, Jr. and ABC News producer Bob Zelnick to evaluate the Watergate minutiae prior to the interview. Their research allowed Frost to take control of the interview at a key moment, when he revealed details of a previously unknown conversation between Nixon and Charles Colson. Nixon’s resulting admissions would support the widespread conclusion that he had obstructed justice. Nixon continued to deny the allegations until his death in 1994, and it was never tested in a court of law because his successor, Gerald Ford, issued a pardon to Nixon one month after his resignation. Nixon’s negotiated fee was $600,000 and a 20% share of any profits.

The 12 interviews began on March 23, 1977, with three interviews per week over four weeks. They were taped for two hours a day, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for a total of 28 hours and 45 minutes. The interviews were managed by executive producer Marvin Minoff, who was the president of Frost’s David Paradine Productions, and by British current affairs producer John Birt.

Recording took place at a seaside home in Monarch Bay, California, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Smith, who were both longtime Nixon supporters. This location was chosen instead of Nixon’s San Clemente home, La Casa Pacifica, on account of interference with the television relay equipment by the Coast Guard navigational-aid transmitters near San Clemente. Frost rented the Smith home for $6,000 on a part-time basis.

The interviews were broadcast in the US and some other countries in 1977. They were directed by Jorn Winther and edited into four programs, each 90 minutes long.

On Sunday evening May 1, 1977, CBS’s 60 Minutes broadcast an interview of David Frost by Mike Wallace. This was the same network that Frost had “scooped” (CBS had negotiated to interview Nixon, but unlike the news organization, Frost was willing to pay for the sessions). Frost talked about looking forward to Nixon’s “cascade of candor.”

The interviews were broadcast in four parts, with a fifth part containing material edited from the earlier parts broadcast months later.

The premiere episode drew 45 million viewers, the largest television audience for a political interview in history — a record that still stands today.

In part 3, Frost asked Nixon about the legality of the president’s actions. In the context of American national security, Nixon replied: “Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

Part 5 opened with Frost’s blunt question, “Why didn’t you burn the tapes?”

A Gallup poll conducted after the interviews aired showed that 69 percent of the public thought that Nixon was still trying to cover up, 72 percent still thought he was guilty of obstruction of justice, and 75 percent thought he deserved no further role in public life. Frost was expected to make $1 million from the interviews.

How Cambridge Analytica Used Algorithms To Trawl Through Facebook User Data

How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool

The algorithm used in the Facebook data breach trawled though personal data for information on sexual orientation, race, gender – and even intelligence and childhood trauma

The algorithm at the heart of the Facebook data breach sounds almost too dystopian to be real. It trawls through the most apparently trivial, throwaway postings –the “likes” users dole out as they browse the site – to gather sensitive personal information about sexual orientation, race, gender, even intelligence and childhood trauma.

A few dozen “likes” can give a strong prediction of which party a user will vote for, reveal their gender and whether their partner is likely to be a man or woman, provide powerful clues about whether their parents stayed together throughout their childhood and predict their vulnerability to substance abuse. And it can do all this without an need for delving into personal messages, posts, status updates, photos or all the other information Facebook holds.

Some results may sound more like the result of updated online sleuthing than sophisticated data analysis; “liking” a political campaign page is little different from pinning a poster in a window.

But five years ago psychology researchers showed that far more complex traits could be deduced from patterns invisible to a human observer scanning through profiles. Just a few apparently random “likes” could form the basis for disturbingly complex character assessments.

When users liked “curly fries” and Sephora cosmetics, this was said to give clues to intelligence; Hello Kitty likes indicated political views; “Being confused after waking up from naps” was linked to sexuality.

These were just some of the unexpected but consistent correlations noted in a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal in 2013. “Few users were associated with ‘likes’ explicitly revealing their attributes. For example, less than 5% of users labelled as gay were connected with explicitly gay groups, such as No H8 Campaign,” the peer-reviewed research found.

The researchers, Michal Kosinski, David Stillwell and Thore Graepel, saw the dystopian potential of the study and raised privacy concerns. At the time Facebook “likes” were public by default.

“The predictability of individual attributes from digital records of behaviour may have considerable negative implications, because it can easily be applied to large numbers of people without their individual consent and without them noticing,” they said.

“Commercial companies, governmental institutions, or even your Facebook friends could use software to infer attributes such as intelligence, sexual orientation or political views that an individual may not have intended to share.”

To some, that may have sounded like a business opportunity. By early 2014, Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix had signed a deal with one of Kosinski’s Cambridge colleagues, lecturer Aleksandr Kogan, for a private commercial venture, separate from Kogan’s duties at the university, but echoing Kosinski’s work

Friend Speaks Out On Stormy Daniels’ Alleged Relationship With Donald Trump Megyn Kelly TODAY

On Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn is joined by Alana Evans, a friend and former colleague of the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels, who was reportedly paid to deny having an affair with Donald Trump in 2006. Evans describes getting phone calls from Daniels inviting her to join her and Trump in their hotel room, and says Trump got on the phone and invited her as well.

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Porn Actress Stormy Daniels finally shares details of Donald Trump affair on “60 Minutes”

Adult film star Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to keep silent about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006, telling her story in a highly anticipated interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” broadcast Sunday. Daniels said she was threatened by an unidentified man in Las Vegas to keep quiet about her alleged relationship with Trump, an incident that she said happened while she was with her young daughter. She said in the interview that she had one encounter of consensual sex with the future president. Most of the interview revolved around information that has leaked out over some months; the threats that Stormy Daniels talked about are new. That alongwith Trump comparing many of his accusers to “beautiful” Ivanka Trump are Sunday night’s headlines in the US. Top quotes from political pundits: “The yuck factor is high”, “A porn star and the President…for God’s sake!”, and “What are we going to tell our kids?”. Will it hurt the Trump Presidency? No. For that, it’s still Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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More than one pitch invader wanted a piece of Cristiano Ronaldo during Portugal vs Netherlands match

Cristiano Ronaldo has experienced a range of emotions on the football pitch in recent days.

He bagged twice in stoppage time against Egypt to seal a memorable win for his country, but later experienced a heavy defeat against the Netherlands on Monday night.

Fernando Santos’ side were on cloud nine for a total of three days after Ronaldo’s heroics, but the European champions slipped up against a Netherlands team who failed to make any sort of impression on England last week.

It was a strange night from start to finish for the Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo was eventually substituted in the 68th minute for Joao Moutinho, but six minutes before he departed the field of play he was approached by a fan, who tried to plant a kiss on the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Seconds later he attempted to take a photograph, but it wasn’t exactly successful as a seemingly frustrated Ronaldo looked on.

Footage of the scene soon emerged and his reaction is priceless.

This wasn’t the first time a fan invaded the Stade de Geneve to try and get a picture with the in-form Real Madrid forward.

A number of supporters, including a man wearing a Los Blancos jersey with ‘Ronaldo 7’ on the back, also tried their luck at getting a selfie.

Portugal were 3-0 down at half-time thanks to goals from Memphis Depay, Ryan Babel and Virgil van Dijk and plenty speculated that Gareth Southgate’s side might even win the World Cup. *sarcasm alert*

It just wasn’t Portugal’s day and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo summed up a disappointing performance when he literally kicked the floor instead of the ball.

He then proceeded to fling himself to the ground and appeal for a penalty. Even though it definitely wasn’t a foul

It just wasn’t Cristiano’s night as Portugal prepare to make a real impact at the World Cup this summer.

Can they challenge?

Jason Kelce Super Bowl victory speech is best in Philadelphia Eagles history!

Eagles center Jason Kelce delivered a celebratory speech for the ages at the Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon.

Kelce, who had a few beers along the parade route, took the mic on the steps of the art museum and proceeded to go on a five-minute rant excoriating everyone who ever doubted the Eagles.

He called out The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi by name for saying Doug Pederson wasn’t qualified to be a head coach, ran through every criticism about every player on the Eagles’ roster and punctuated it all with a message to the haters: “F— you!”